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Several of Ibn Sina's treatises were written for this patron; and the commencement of his Canon of Medicine also dates from his stay in Hyrcania.Ibn Sina subsequently settled at Rey, in the vicinity of modern Tehran, the home town of Rhazes; where Majd Addaula, a son of the last Buwayhid emir, was nominal ruler under the regency of his mother (Seyyedeh Khatun).

Finally, at Gorgan, near the Caspian Sea, Ibn Sina met with a friend, who bought a dwelling near his own house in which Ibn Sina lectured on logic and astronomy.

Various texts (such as the 'Ahd with Bahmanyar) show that he debated philosophical points with the greatest scholars of the time.

Aruzi Samarqandi describes how before Avicenna left Khwarezm he had met Al-Biruni (a famous scientist and astronomer), Abu Nasr Iraqi (a renowned mathematician), Abu Sahl Masihi (a respected philosopher) and Abu al-Khayr Khammar (a great physician). His father worked in the government of Samanid in the village Kharmasain, a Sunni regional power.

A number of theories have been proposed regarding Avicenna's madhab (school of thought within Islamic jurisprudence). 1169) considered Avicenna to be a follower of the Brethren of Purity.

Ibn Sina's first appointment was that of physician to the emir, Nuh II, who owed him his recovery from a dangerous illness (997).

The pay was small, however, so Ibn Sina wandered from place to place through the districts of Nishapur and Merv to the borders of Khorasan, seeking an opening for his talents.

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Dating kp st lady bu 1 introduction

Dating kp st lady bu 1

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