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The city is also receiving immigration from elsewhere in the country, due to the recent growth of industry.As one of the western terminuses of Silk Road, Bursa was, and still is, the main centre of Turkish silk industry.West of Heykel, the name of the main drag is Atatürk Caddesi.Past Ulucami and the bazaars area (or the "Khans and Bazaars District", as those in the tourism industry in Bursa love to name it), the street becomes Cemal Nadir Caddesi, skirting around the hill of Tophane, the oldest core of the city surrounded by ancient walls.East of Heykel, just past the Setbaşı Bridge, spanning the fairly deep gorge of Gökdere Stream (the bridge, due to the unexpectedly long drop below it, is infamous as the favourite suicide spot of Bursa), the main street forks into two in a Y-junction, marked by an old plane tree right in the middle: Take left, Yeşil Caddesi, for Yeşil, and Emirsultan further east, or right, Namazgah Caddesi, for the station of cable-cars to Uludağ.

The environmental auspices reach beyond the city limits as well; Bursa has pioneered in signing the power lines in the surrounding countryside with big coloured spheres so as to minimize the danger they pose upon migratory birds (a project now implemented nationwide), and hosts the sanctuary of the bears that were rescued from the cruel tradition of "dancing bears" now outlawed (in which bear cubs were taken away from wilderness and forced to "dance" upon the percussion of their masters, of course, unbeknownst by the spectators, with the threat of physical harm—this was a common theme of the tourist photo shots taken in Istanbul up to the early 90s) in the forests near Karacabey, 70 km west of the city.

(But the Byzantines were the ones who were really enthusiastic about the baths.

The first steps of tourism in Bursa date back to that era, when people from far and wide were arriving in numbers to visit the baths for their therapeutic properties.) In 1326, after trying for 8 to 10 years (historians haven't come to an agreement on the exact duration yet), then-Byzantine Bursa became the first major city that the Ottomans, who started as a small emirate in the countryside just east of the city, had taken control of.

About a century and quarter later, Bursa, along with the rest of the Kingdom of Bithynia, was annexed into the Roman Empire.

It was the Romans who developed the baths making use of the thermal waters of Çekirge first, and they have been in continual operation ever since.

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Dating neopolis com

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