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How's he supposed to help the over-worked, single father by himself? At Mathias's insistent begging, the rest of the Nordic Five decide to go visit this "new, bigger, totally badass" mansion of his and spend some vacation there. Will he manage to find his place in this bastion of a school, or will it swallow him whole? Can this unlikely pair manage to change the future? Now, how is England going to explain his little secret? Unfortunately, Tino's the clumsiest angel in heaven and usually ends up messing things up even worse! When they witness a witch hunt, they decide to rescue the alleged witch without realizing they might have stumbled upon something stranger than anything either of them could have imagined.In America's Christmas party, Ludwig notices that Russia isn't there, and finds out that the Russian isn't actually invited there at all, so Germany decides to go to see Russia. If you told him he'd be working as a bouncer at a gay night club, he'd definitely not believe you.And if you told him he'd be in love with the quirky Chinese man he met (ran into) at the library, he'd say you're crazy. Thank you for the travel between Kharkov and Poltava. I have good feeling with this agency and with lady also. Click to select the Enable Java Script check box, and then click OK. Click the Back button to return to the previous page, and then click the Reload button to run scripts. It was my first visit to Ukraine, my first date, first lady, and I found people very kind. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable Java Script check box. Click the Go back one page button to return to the previous page, and then click the Reload current page button to run scripts.

Mathias Køhler is working at the bar when he meets Lukas Bondevik, and he can't get enough of him. Considered complete due to the nature of these poems, but poems will be continuously added on. When England leaves the world confrence, grumpier than usual the world is worried. He has a bigger appetite, he suddenly has more confidence in himself, he's actually getting angry, and he's just acting weird and suspicious. Love, loss and coming of age in a world that is often unkind to those who are different. But when the story of 'Zexion' and 'Demyx' starts to sound familiar... AU: As Nikolai is about to be shipped off to an island due to his special powers, Kristian swoops in with his batty eyes and even battier personality and thus changes his university life for better or worse (but mostly worse). Iceland is going blind, but he tries to hide it from everyone else. All this on top of school, a new transfer student from Hong Kong, and the common difficulties/drama with being a teenager. * [Rating has changed to M due to drugs/sex]Matthias travels the country as part of a troupe of wandering actors.

Omegaverse (because I felt like trying it)A curse passed down through three generations has lead a man desperate enough to try one thing that no one has ever attempted before; he's going to kidnap a nation. Will the curse be removed or will he fall to his destiny?

There he feels as if his life has only gotten worse, but it may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. However, life seems to hand him a big challenge when he meets Erik; the first person who seems unable to see anything about life. But what happens when that mask is suddenly taken away? If you told Ivan one year ago that he'd be living in America today, he'd barely be able to believe you.

Iceland is cursed by an elven queen and now turns into his evil other self every full moon. The world has become a battle of wits between opposing manipulators, all aiming to win this fight of life and death. How did you tell a guy with a crush on you that you were strictly staright?

) and an unorthodox portrayal of normal-Iceland from the eyes of an actual Icelander. In a futuristic world, where status and race means everything, where social class rules the system, where being different or slightly odd is a curse. Matthias Kohler bursts his way into Lukas' world, and is instantly disliked. Den Nor, Hong Ice; homophobia, profanity and a healthy dose of drama. No award-winning book or exemplary equation or ground-breaking theory he'd ever familiarized himself with came into play at the one time he needed them most.

What if that something led to Minato becoming less than human and Aigis becoming more human? Current arc: 6 (6 students left alive counting Enoshima)Zexion swallowed.

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Natalyas international dating service introduction

Natalyas international dating service