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Radioactive carbon dating fossils

So if an object contained 1,000 carbon-14 atoms, after 5,730 years it should contain approximately half that many, or 500 carbon-14 atoms.

There is one other pertinent point to be made about carbon-14 dating, however.

Of course, this assumes that carbon-14 is not inadvertently added to the dead animal’s remains.Dinosaurs supposedly died out 65 million years ago. Carbon-14 dating was recently performed on dinosaur fossils,1 and the results were presented at the Western Geophysics Meeting in Singapore, August 2012, a gathering of approximately two thousand scientists.1 The carbon-14 dating involved precautions against contamination.Several tests were done by the University of Georgia using accelerator mass spectrometry.The age for all these fossils was found to be less than 50,000 years1.This is not predicted by conventional evolutionary theory; and other discoveries have been made concerning dinosaurs which also are not predicted by evolutionary theory such as the discovery of soft tissue in bones that are not or are only partially fossilized.

Diamonds supposedly formed even further back in the past than dinosaurs —over a billion years ago.

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Radioactive carbon dating fossils introduction

Radioactive carbon dating fossils