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After the storm the price of tiles increased by about 300%.

The tidal flood affecting the Thames on Sunday 30th(OS) was associated with this storm, though the tidal storm surge for this event was more significant on the Severn and along the Dutch coast.

The 'Great Storm' of 1703 which commenced on Friday 26th November (old-style, 7th December new-style) was probably the worst ever experienced in England; it is described by Defoe in his work: "The Storm 1703".

This storm was associated with a deep secondary depression which swept across Ireland, Wales & central England; it is possible that this secondary developed from a West Indian hurricane which had been off the coast of Florida a few days previously.

Great damage was done to shipping, with many deaths.

Onshore, there was considerable loss of / damage to property in the Brighton (Sussex) area. This was a severe winter: the frost lasted for over three months (December - March) and the temperature fell (location unspecified) to 0deg F (or -18deg C).

Little rain for several months before May; warm summer (London/South).

In the Upminster record (Essex), the rainfall for March was 0.79 ins / 20 mm, & for April, the figure was 0.29 ins / 7 mm. The value was 18.3deg C, being well in excess of 2C anomaly on the all-series mean.

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Speed dating london over 35