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Usps tracking not updating electronic shipping info received

The cards inside were fine because I packed them well but unbelievable that the package was somehow able to get back to me after all of that.

It means the parcel is not actually with the carrier or shipped by the carrier yet.

Here are the only tracking statuses I have: Missent March 29, 2013, am Arrival at Post Office March 29, 2013, am NEW YORK, NY 10022 Electronic Shipping Info Received March 27, 2013 I called 1-800-ASK-USPS on Friday, who opened a case number for me.

When they didn't have it resolved by EOD Monday, they gave me the number for the local Consumer Affairs office. Anyone who's gotten the dreaded "missent" status before: what's the longest you've had to wait before new statuses showed?

I've used it twice and was never even asked to show proof of the damage.

Turn-around time was a few days and I had my money right back. I don't know if the process has changed with them losing money, but it was extremely easy at the time.

I guess I'll keep the thread updated with anything new...could be a source of solace (or discouragement, ) for someone else down the line...

I sent a package out to from here in NYC on the morning of the March 28th.If it was lost of stolen it wouldn't show up either.For future reference, the USPS claim process is amazingly simple.Acceptance Mar-29-13, PM, HILLIARD, OH 43026 Dispatched to Sort Facility Mar-29-13, PM, HILLIARD, OH 43026 Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility Mar-29-13, PM, HILLIARD, OH 43026 Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility Mar-29-13, PM, COLUMBUS, OH 43218 Processed through USPS Sort Facility Apr-05-13, PM, COPPELL, TX 75099 Depart USPS Sort Facility Apr-06-13, AM, COPPELL, TX 75099 Processed through USPS Sort Facility Apr-07-13, PM, WARRENDALE, PA 150 Depart USPS Sort Facility Apr-08-13, AM, WARRENDALE, PA 15086 Arrival at Post Office Apr-08-13, AM, YOUNGSTOWN, OH 44515 Sorting Complete Apr-08-13, AM, YOUNGSTOWN, OH 44515 Out for Delivery Apr-08-13, AM, YOUNGSTOWN, OH 44515 A week with no updates, then it shows up in Texas !Not sure about "miss-sent", but this one had me a little worried. It was going from Hilliard, Ohio to Youngstown, Ohio about 3 hours away.

However, in the case of a trade I screwed up a couple years ago, I sent a 000 mailer to a PO box here in brooklyn.

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Jul 19, 2011. I ordered some tshirts from the US using USPS FIRST-CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL - does anyone have experience with delivery times to SA? The last tracking information was Processed through Sort Facility, July 05, 2011, pm, RALEIGH, NC 27676 Electronic Shipping Info Received, July 06, 2011. 
06-Feb-2019 03:50
It says "electronic shipping info received" on 4/18, but there has been no more updates as of 2 minutes ago. When should I start worrying? Guy I traded with says his local post office is notoriously bad, and he has a ton of good feedback so I'm not really worried about a scam. Is there anything else I can do. 
06-Feb-2019 03:53
Nov 9, 2009. Here's the tracking info Processed through Sort Facility, November 08, 2009, pm, NORTH HOUSTON, TX 77315; Processed through Sort Facility, November 06, 2009, pm, CHARLOTTE, NC 28228; Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 17, 2009; Shipment Accepted; October 17, 2009. 
06-Feb-2019 03:58
Apr 9, 2013. Arrival at Post Office March 29, 2013, am. NEW YORK, NY 10022. Electronic Shipping Info Received March 27, 2013. I called 1-800-ASK-USPS on. I had a Missent once, after an "Out for Delivery" that morning, but there was a status update later that day processed at facility, and it was delivered the. 
06-Feb-2019 04:00
The USPS tracking is primarily a delivery confirmation service. It does not always provide up to date tracking information when your package is in transit. There may be a scan here and there, but it will update when when it reaches your local post office or sorting facility. “Electronic Shipping Info Received” means that your. 
06-Feb-2019 04:05
DHL and UPS 3-5 business days worldwide Ship in ONE work day DHL FAQ The DHL website says "Shipment information received" and no update, what happened? When you got a tracking number from us, it means we already handled your package to the Forwarding Company agent of. 
06-Feb-2019 04:10
So I placed my order on Nov. 23rd, got my tracking number on the 25th. USPS still has no info on it, however singapore post tracking says nothing but "information received" which i'm guessing means that they got the electronic shipping info, but have not received the package. My question is how long from. 
06-Feb-2019 04:15
Post Office Boxes Online POBOL - General Information · Change of Address - The Basics · USPS Tracking® General Information. How do I Know my Mailpiece with USPS Tracking® was Delivered? How Do I Order Free Shipping Supplies? When are Postal Holidays? How Much Does First-Class Mail® Cost? Results. 
06-Feb-2019 04:18
This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Information, if available, is updated every evening. I've frequently tried to track packages that I've sent and observed that the USPS website shows only "Electronic Shipping Info Received" long after I've dropped the package off at the. 
06-Feb-2019 04:21

Usps tracking not updating electronic shipping info received introduction

Usps tracking not updating electronic shipping info received

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